Our service range is based on the client’s needs. Additionally, every quotation is sent to you after the first meeting via Zoom or face-to-face.

Yes, we have started offering eco-friendly cleaning options to reduce environmental impact, improve health and safety, meet regulatory requirements, and appeal to environmentally-conscious customers.

Our cleaning services can be requested anytime you need assistance from a professional like us to cover or even take over from your current cleaning supplier for the same reason.

After receiving the work, on average, we request the client two to three weeks to facilitate a successful transition for the client and the operation team to start the cleaning services efficiently.

As agreed upon, the cleaners will be in place until the service is finished.

From a commercial cleaning services perspective, we implement structured and measurable systems, fostering a culture of pride and accountability among our team members. Besides, we conduct surprise monthly visits to assess our team’s adherence to standards, including health and safety protocols. Regarding client relationships, we work on performance evaluations with all our clients. While we recommend at least two annual meetings, we’re flexible to accommodate more frequent interactions per your preferences. This approach guarantees a strong rapport and open communication between our company and clients.

Security Operations

DvaClean provides all the necessary equipment and products for its staff to perform their duties. Apart from that, any products or equipment supplied by the client must pass our standards for our cleaners. Besides, datasheets, risk assessments and PAT testing will be required.

We usually use the same cleaner every visit. However, unexpected situations that are out of our control can occur. In this case, a replacement will be provided to perform the cleaning with the same standard. A brief induction of the site and what needs to be done will be before any cover.

Only authorised personnel are allowed to enter the premises during cleaning time. Additionally, the operation manager or the manager will have access to your premises during or after the cleaning time to audit the service and supply new products or equipment if necessary.

Emergencies Services

Every last-minute cleaning service that comes to us is dealt with efficiently if we are available. However, we might charge an additional fee to cover last-minute cleaning depending on the location and number of staff necessary to perform the service.

Special Requests

Yes, because we understand clients have specific needs in their facilities. Our cleaning services are based on the client or customer’s instructions to meet their expectations, which means we deliver what the client wants.

Our cleaner’s operator is not allowed to touch or remove anything valuable from its place during the cleaning time unless it is a special request from the client

Additional Services

All additional cleaning services or changes must be requested via email before the day of service to allow us time to inform the staff assigned.