Importance of Cleanliness in the Office

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Importance of Cleanliness in the Office

Even though remote work is becoming increasingly popular, many people are still attending offices and spending most of their days there.

A pleasant and clean workplace is crucial for the employee’s performance. Studies show that offices that have cleaners have happier employees. Consequently, this leads to an increase in productivity, which is beneficial for both employees and employers. 

Places where bacteria multiply and spread fast 

An office is where bacteria can spread fast, and when in contact with surfaces, they can remain there for a long time, taking from minutes to days. With bacteria being so present in the workplace and their ability to stay there for so long, it makes regular cleaning of touching points like door handles and worktops a necessary action to take in the workplace. 

To avoid these germs from growing is essential to know which ones are the most common places they settle.

Bacterial and germs settling places in the office

  • Office fridges: At our homes sometimes food stays too long at the office’s fridges and they end up going bad. Having rest of food that is outdated or with some bacterial growth can increase the risk of infections and other germ-related problems in the workplace if not cleared out.
  • Desks: The desk is where most staff spend the majority of their time, and some end up spilling some tea or even leaving some crumbs from snacks. To avoid microbes and germs from growing is essential to have the desk regularly cleared by professional cleaning services and disinfected at least once a week. 
  • Phones: Phones and door handles are touching points, there is probably an extensive range of people touching the same phone, and it also gets in close contact with faces. Some studies show that phones are office equipment that ends up being forgotten when it comes to cleaning. Still, with this item being used so much by so many people, it is essential to maintain its hygiene.
  • Keyboards: With the layout of the computer keyboard and its high usage daily, it is effortless for hair or dead skin cells to get trapped in it, hence why cleaning it to avoid bacterial growth is crucial. 

Importance of having a regular cleaning schedule

After knowing all these and the number of bacteria, viruses and germs in your workplace, consider getting a professional service. Most of the things mentioned above might sound very easy to do by the employees in a clean-after-yourself rule. Still, it is always better to take advantage of your employee’s time on what they can do better. Leaving these jobs for professionals like us, with DvaClean, you can choose the best time according to your office schedule and ensure that your workplace is spot on even before you start working.

Allow your employees to increase their productivity by being safe by contacting us and getting to know more about our services.